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Healing waters, endless offerings. From rejuvenating soaks and luxurious spa experiences, to saunas and cold plunges, we've got your wellness journey covered. See introductory pricing below.


Spa Service & Performance Therapy

Please email to book a spa service or performance therapy [email protected]


$149 for 50-min. $249 for 110-min.

Choose from a Swedish, Deep Tissue, or Lymphatic Detox massage with enhancement options available.


$149 for 50-min. $249 for 110-min. Deluxe.

Choose from a Sculpting, Glo2Facial, or Customized facial with enhancement options available.

Body Scrubs & Wraps

$249 for 50-min. $299 for 110-min. Deluxe Wrap.

Choose from a Body Scrub or Body Scrub with Deluxe Wrap. Both include a complimentary dry brush.

CryoBuilt Full Body Cryotherapy


Full-body cryotherapy through the Everest Cryobuilt.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment

$100 for 60-min.

Relax and breathe with optimized, healing oxygen levels.

Normatec Compression Boot Therapy

$30, up to 30-min.

Compression boot therapy employs pneumatic compression to enhance blood flow and decrease inflammation in the legs.

LightStim LED Light Therapy

$30, up to 30-min.

LightStim provides rejuvenating wavelengths of light energy to treat anti-aging, acne, & pain.


$20, 60-min. classes.

Vinyasa, Restorative, Slow Flow, and Stretch & Sound yoga classes available daily in The Sanctuary.


Submerge in our geothermal waters daily; create a new self-care routine and enjoy exclusive benefits. Coming soon.