Reservations are open! Saunas will reopen in August

We appreciate your patience as we work through some opening kinks, details below

Soak in mineral perfection.

We are SO grateful for your excitement and apologize for the tech glitches that we know are frustrating while you’re trying to book your first soak! Only soaks can be booked online at this time. If your reservation times out, please try again on a different browser. Select services and amenities may be reserved on-site based on availability. Select saunas available in South Pacific region. Located in The Colony at Grandscape, Dallas. We can’t wait for you to visit and thank you for your patience!

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About us

WorldSprings is an outdoor social-wellness destination designed to help every guest recharge, reconnect and feel better. With adults-only and all-ages sections, outdoor mineral hot springs, a world-class spa, Finnish saunas, and a cafe and bar, this is the beginning of a new era of collective wellbeing.

"Best social wellness sanctuary...a haven."

"The Disney World of Wellness"

"Wellness wonderland."

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Now WorldSprings aims to bring that to North Texas with a new “social wellness destination” at Grandscape in The Colony, north of Dallas.

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