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Discover the healing powers of water

The Mineral Method

Take your soak to the next level with The Mineral Method, wellness circuits reviewed by our wellness consultant Sara Gottfried MD, for ultimate healing benefits. Choose an expert-endorsed circuit that fits your wellness goals—whether it's improved sleep, anti-inflammatory, stress relief, family time, longevity, or athletic recovery. One round takes ~15-30 minutes, and may be repeated for maximum benefits. The circuits use varying mineral-rich waters, and contrasts in soaking, relaxation, and hot and cold therapies for targeted benefits.

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Image of The Mineral Method
Image of The Mineral Method

Wellness Consultant, Sara Gottfried MD

Dr. Sara Gottfried MD is WorldSprings’ Wellness Consultant. Dr. Gottfried is a Harvard Medical School-educated doctor, researcher, and bestselling author of “The Hormone Cure,” “Younger,” and “Brain Body Diet.” Her expertise spans cortisol levels, hormones, diet, and inflammation to overall wellness. At WorldSprings, she oversees our wellness programming, The Mineral Method circuit, our menus, and our brand as it relates to full-body health and wellbeing.